We have developed a quick assessment to determine whether rebranding should be a consideration. By sitting down for less than an hour, you can begin to determine whether your brand could work harder for you.

What matters most to your customers?

Do you have a firm understanding of how your customers make decisions in your category? What are the factors that matter most for them?

"Customers think ______, ______ and ______ matter most when choosing a brand in our category"

"Customers worry most about ______ when choosing a brand in our category."

Do you have a point of difference?

Do you have a clear point of difference to the competition in things that matter to the customers?

"People should choose our brand over ______ because _________".

What is your brand communicating?

Have a look at your website, app icon, interface, or packaging. Imagine you are seeing them for the first time, without knowing what the company does. What do the colours feel like? What feelings does the typeface evoke? What does the writing sound like? What meaning does the logotype convey? What does the imagery or illustrations feel like?

"Our brand colours feel ________."

"Our typeface feels _______."

"The way we speak sounds like _________."

"Our logotype conveys a feeling of _______."

"Our photography and/or illustrations feel _______."

Is your brand standing out?

Next, take screen grabs of your and your main competitors websites, app store pages, or packaging. Is your brand standing out from the group? Is it standing out in the right aspects, ones that matter to people?

Drawing conclusions

Branding is ultimately an act of conveying meaning in the most efficient way possible to people, standing out from other companies targeting the same customers.

Developing a brand begins from understanding what matters to people, and delivering that better than the competition. Visual and textual branding should communicate and strengthen that competitive positioning, optimally making the competition look weaker in things that matter to people.

While the above assessment can be done in one sitting, the simplicity of the questions betray a wider system of meaning that may take weeks to develop. If you are entertaining the idea of a rebrand, start from 'what matters to people', and let that guide you through the process.

Should I rebrand?

In case you find your brand is not expressing the things that matter to your customers, or if it is simply not standing out from other competitors targeting the same customers, you can likely unlock a lot of value in the company by developing a stronger, more meaningful, distinctive brand.