• Branding Zendegii, creators of groundbreaking healthy food products

    Zendegii is a laboratory of chefs and scientists that create, support and develop innovative products in the healthy food category, such as Frill. With Zendegii’s move further into the consumer market, they needed a strong brand to match their world-class know-how and ambition.

    We spent time with Zendegii to observe how they work and find out what drives them each day. This exercise led us to the idea of ‘artisans of nutritional science’, a juxtapositional phrase that captures their two complementary disciplines. From there, we created a simple-yet-striking brand marque, a symbolic circle of life, hinting at the original Hindi meaning of of the word Zendegii. This was supplemented by a clear, straightforward identity system that felt naturally accommodated the new logo.

    Zendegii’s new master brand has given them renewed confidence and purpose. With a strong visual and verbal toolkit, they’ve attracted national and global partners and rolled out their innovative products to a receptive consumer audience.

  • Zendegii’s logo nods to the circle of life, the Hindi root of the word

  • Zendegii master brand endorsement on Frill tub lid

  • We developed a simple, distinctive masterbrand guideline for their hospitality services and products